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4 Major Details You Should Take Care Of While Naming Your Brand

Shakespeare once wrote,” what’s in a name?” Well, a name might not hold much importance in a fictional world but that is not the same when it comes to businesses. In marketing, we go by the adage,” it’s all in the name.” Finding the perfect name for your brand can be a daunting task. It can take months or even years to find the right name for your brand. So much so that one might even ask oneself,” Do I really need to put in so much thought while choosing a name?” The answer is Yes. A brand name is not just a name, it is your identity in the industry,

Much like a person’s name, people use a brand name to identify businesses. Anything and everything you provide or execute as a business is going to be traced back to the name you give to your business.

So what are the factors one should keep in mind whilst naming a business or a product? The internet may provide you with a number of articles on the importance of discovering a unique name for your product or success stories of brands like Pepsi(previously known as Brad’s Drink)which changed the course of its history with a new name While, uniqueness is key as far as any naming process is concerned, it is not the only element that should be taken into consideration.

In any case, your brand name should be-

Relevant– It captures the vision of your brand and the service that you provide and form an emotional bond with the public.

Handy– People should be able to google it easily ie; must have an easy spelling or pronunciation.

Securable- Can be trademarked or copyrighted readily.

Lasting– Must be a name that can evolve according to the growth of your company.

Visual– The name should be easy in the sense that one can easily depict it by logos.design, colours and so on.

Unique– Lastly, it should be unique in terms that it is different from your competitors.

Now that we have taken care of the question “what it should be”, the part “how” begs to be answered as well.

In this article, we will enlist the four major aspects that should be a part of every decision-making process that concerns the naming of a brand.

1. Formulate a plan

Decide on what the name is supposed to achieve, how it will stand in tandem with your other products or services if any. Devise a strategy to decide on the kind of names you would prefer- a completely new one, the founder’s name, a family name or a descriptive one and make sure they are not already in use.

2.Express your brand heart

The next part of the naming process includes the identification of the brand heart. In other words, you should be able to relate the name to your company’s vision or mission.

3. Test the name

Make absolutely sure that it is easy to be pronounced or cannot be easily misspelled, doesn’t confuse the customers and is google friendly.

4. Analyse your digital presence 

Along with the brand name, it is key that you choose an available, working URL as well. A plausible social media handle check must also be conducted so as to avoid any competition for the names. Googling your newly chosen name would also be a great idea. These tasks are crucial albeit time-consuming.

With a proper plan in place, you should be able to come up with a name that suits your brand but it is indeed a mammoth task to accomplish.Alternatively, .you can trust an agency to do the work for you and spare yourself the pain.

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