14 Benefits of In-flight Advertising for Your Business
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14 Benefits of In-flight Advertising for Your Business

Inflight advertising offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to reach a captive and engaged audience. With high visibility, targeted reach, and less competition, it’s an effective way to promote your brand. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, inflight advertising can help you achieve your marketing goals and grow your customer base. Start exploring the possibilities of inflight advertising today and watch your business take off.

What is Airport Advertising and what are its benefits?
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What is Airport Advertising? and what are its benefits in 2023

The research found that frequent flyers are highly responsive to airport advertisements, with 80% noticing the media and 42% taking action, such as visiting a website or learning more about a product. 19% of frequent flyers even purchased a product they saw advertised at the airport. The study also shows that airport campaigns drive foot traffic, with 84% of frequent flyers likely to visit a restaurant and 50% likely to visit a clothing store. The research confirms that the longer a traveller spends at the airport, the greater the exposure to advertising, with 74% of frequent flyers arriving more than an hour before their flight.