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6 Tools to get more social shares

Social standing has always been at the core of any civilization. Traditionally, people would visit friends and family, be in attendance at community events, gossip and “share” stories of what was happening in the world around them. With our lives becoming wired and eventually wireless yet connected, and mobiles taking over intuition, one is spoilt for choice with regard to the means of communication. But, if you have a story to tell, you can now be rest assured of not just being heard but heard by the right set of people. What if we were to tell you that the trick to getting more social shares is not tools as much as good quality engaging and informative content? That beside, here’s a list of 6 tools to get your message far and wide:

  1. Use WP Social Sharing Plugin: You can now add 100% responsive, visually-attractive social sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc. on your content. These can be customized and offer the freedom to add ‘copy’ above the buttons. You may arrange them in any chronology depending on the kind of business you deal in. There is auto display as well; however, its USP is its simplicity. After all, the ambition is to facilitate users to share the content easily via social media and share icons.
  2. Generate Content Idea Through Portent: A good headline is a tiny tale, an entire story in summed up in 4-5 words. These few words are enough to decide the future of your content idea and if it will get shared on social media. Looking at the stats for a well-targeted headline or title, copyblogger says, “on average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.”
  3. Image Sharer: While sharing text based content is a child’s play, image sharing is anything but that easy. Visuals are always a more powerful way to capture audience’s attention, and if shared aggressively by the user, can help boost your business by getting the much-desired viral traffic. Image Sharer builds backlinks on images shared on your website, but the catch is to decide where you’d like to place the icons on the image. You can control where the user sees the icon once they hover over on the image. Needless to say, hi-resolution images are a non-negotiable factor from the SEO point of you and customer engagement.
  4. Shareaholic: Four words that described this content strengthening platform are Acquire, Engage, Analyse, and Monetize. Content is promoted and in-built ads are used to influence large target groups as step one. Step two is to, achieve more time spent per user per page on the website or get an increase in sessions, get more pageviews and repeated visitors who eventually share the content thereby helping your business get more increased engagement. Third is to get the pulse of your audience, anticipate what they are looking for and analyse well performing content of the recent past. Ultimately, employ affiliate marketing, running ads etc. for revenue generation. This tool offers smart share buttons which can be applied to images in addition to follow buttons.
  5. Social Rank: This tool works magic for specially Twitter and Instagram. It helps you identify, organise and manage your followers through filters like keywords related to profile, location, activities engaged in and the number of followers a user has. Knowing that you have a lot of fan following is not enough, to know who they really are, is what matters. Social Rank categorises your followers based on parameters like most engaged, most valuable, most followed etc. so that you can target the right followers. This tool has a strong call to action. Once you identify the influencers, you can send them a direct message, export data to CSV or PDF, build lists and even save searches. This is besides boosting social shares, and marketing through influencers.
  6. Reddit: With unique users exceeding a few hundred million, you can be rest assured of getting massive visibility for your content. The social news networking service plays on two cards- share interesting and unique content and not allow spamming of the website. One could easily look up the search engines for tips, tricks, and detailed information that Reddit marketing uses. What we can tell you is that just like any other social media platform, it is a reliable source for content sharing, engaging and getting viral traffic to your website. If your content is worthy, there’s no reason why people will not like, comment and share extensively.

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