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Instagram as The New Emerging Platform for Marketers

It’s not a surprise how Instagram has grown from being a social networking site where users merely shared selfies, images, and videos to a major social media marketing platform. Today, when content has become a vital constituent in any business’ marketing strategy, Instagram provides a unique opportunity to represent a brand in the digital world and expose it to a wider nexus of users who are constantly tapping on their mobile screens.

Now, with daily active users of more than 400 million users, Instagram has successfully established itself as one of the fastest growing social media marketing platforms in the marketplace and is being eyed by the top level marketers. The reason is its ever-growing popularity and the number of users worldwide. Half of the world is glued to their Instagram, scrolling through their feed, ensures brand reach. Hence, top notch marketers have understood that Instagram marketing can make or break their business and that a good portion of their target audience can be found on the platform.

Using Instagram as a tool for marketing, helps marketers create strategies for their brand after analyzing the analytics to understand the target consumer base’s demands, likes, and dislikes. As a result, companies now have started giving preference to consumer’s participation in their Instagram marketing by creating polls, campaigns, podcasts, and videos to promote their products. Also, owing to its wide nexus of users, brands are able to reach diversifying demographics, which is pacing fast towards a larger base of consumers. All it takes is to create striking images and videos fastened with a narrative that compliments visual aesthetics to turn your Instagram handle into the most lucrative vertical of your marketing strategy.

Instagram helps brands connect to their consumers and fans directly with them which in turn enhances effective brand-consumer communication and helps in brand growth and expansion through various activities carried by the brands on their handle. Holding contests where their followers are asked to share ideas, motivate them to buy the product or service as they see their perception regarding the brand is being valued. Raising brand awareness, running campaigns, announcing new products, running contests, telling their products’ backstories, collaborating with influencers and hiring are some of the benefits, brands derive off of Instagram marketing.

It is one platform for all. That is, everyone from major brands to local family-run shops can use Instagram as a way to build their consumer base through its unique business tools like new business profiles, analytics and the ability to create ads directly from posts and immersive formats that speak actions. Having an effective Instagram strategy for your business is a great way to engage with potential customers or fans online, leveraging the power of images and video to promote your products and tell your story.

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