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4 Ways To Increase Your Sales Through Packaging

They say “never judge a book by its cover”, while it’s true for people the same isn’t the case with products. Packaging has always mattered since time immemorial. Even during the royal reigns, dynasties and empires used their best packaging foot forward to impress a queen or other rulers. Though we have come a long way now, packaging still holds its relevance when it comes to product sales. The major reason for this is because what we see is what we would believe. A recent study conducted by The Danaher Product Identification Platform showed that 75% of customers would readily buy a product again if the packaging impresses them. The study also stated that 38% of respondents were experimental enough to try a new product only because they found their label and packaging appealing to their senses. Interestingly over 28% changed the products they frequently brought because its packaging had changed over a period of time. So how can one put the packaging of one’s product to good use? Is it not that simple as it seems? Through this blog, we are going to enlighten you with 4 ways as to how you can boost your sales and maintain a loyal range of customers.

1.Make sure your packaging is customer-centered
Each and every customer counts and it is, therefore, your duty to make the customers feel special. In 2018, Coca-Cola, a major soft drink brand, launched the “share a coke campaign” as a part of which individuals could print their names on the bottles of their drinks in over 70 countries. The statistics showed a 2% growth in sales in the U.S alone So how did this happen? By allowing the customers to personalize their favorite product, the brand showed their affection for the customers which in return made the customers become loyal to the brand. Similarly, supporting a cause,
promoting your brand values, associating with a local celebration are all ways to connect with the customers on a personal level.

2.Stand-out amid competition
We all are fairly accustomed to a situation where we are unsure which product to choose from as there is a lot or no information available on the internet. Now think about the scenario from a seller’s perspective. What can you do to stay ahead in the competition? The answer is simple. Digitalize your products. Make sure your product has a scannable QR code of images which would help the customer learn not only about the product specifications and the reviews of the customers who have bought the product before but also includes some kind of discount for customers who use this feature. This would definitely put you ahead in the competition.

3.Leverage on the trends
In 2014, Lipton-a popular tea brand launched muppets namely Kermit, the frog as their brand icon in countries like the U.S with the tagline “Be more Tea.” Now you might be wondering why the company would entrust its brand value in the hands of a few puppets.in this case literally! Those who are familiar with online content would know that Kermit is an icon among children and adults alike ever since his first appearance on “Sesame Street” and later on “The Muppet Show.” The brand therefore carefully used the trend in the countries where it would be sympathized with and struck gold.

4.Simple and humble
To complicate is easy but to simple is difficult. This is relevant even when it comes to designing a package for your product. As Packaging World puts it, “it is all too easy to bombard your iconic primary pack with extra labels that destroy the simplicity of the brand message—for example, ‘New!,’ ‘30% extra free,’ or ‘More power.’ You should be more inclined towards winning over customers by keeping the primary packaging of your products as clear, precise and focused as it can be. Leave the other details to your secondary packaging(shipping company or the store) to elaborate more on the product. Don’t crowd your customer’s visual space, instead uncomplicate it.

Deciding on the perfect packaging can be difficult as you see it now. Choosing an agency to do it for you instead is a great way to take it forward. For premium packaging ideas, contact us by clicking here.

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