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5 Reasons Why Costing Shouldn’t Hold You Back From Advertising Your Brand On TV!

Advertisement is a domain which witnesses paradigm shifts when compared to any other sphere. While there are various means in which a brand can advertise themselves, TV advertisement still leads without a competition no other not even near to it. 

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Lately, after the advent of digital marketing, people even assumed TV ads to become obsolete.

According to the statistics, the average business spends over 37% of its ad expenditure on TV advertisement. So why does TV advertising still enjoy such huge popularity among businesses?

Through this blog, we aim to educate you about the 5 major reasons why you should direct your attention to TV ads more than any other means.

1. Wider Reach-

Despite the breakthrough of digital platforms in the entertainment field, TV still enjoys a large amount of viewership that is practically unshakable. In India, roughly 67% of households have a TV at their homes. In urban areas, this percentage is even higher. This means that every other consumer or a prospective customer of your business/service does watch TV. For a growing business, this is a huge pool of customers.

 2. Easier Accessibility-

While owning a mobile phone is a luxury for most of the individuals as it is a very personal gadget, every locality or a shop has a TV that is easier to access. Although many OTT platforms did see an increase in their viewership during the COVID-19 related lockdowns, TV viewership saw a larger spike clocking over 1 trillion weekly viewership minutes during the month of March alone.

3. Loyal Viewership- 

Unlike a digital viewer, TV viewers have proven to be far more loyal. A person hooked up to primetime news is likely to view it every day as compared to a digital portal viewer who may shift to multiple platforms as it pleases them. With daily soaps and reality television shows spearheading the TRP charts, one can only hope this will increase in the future.

4. Nature of the Ads-

Humans from time immemorial are fond of stories. Even if it is a 10 seconds ad, they want it to convey a story to them. And there is no better way to connect with an audience than running your ad on a television set. While most digital ads are skippable, TV ads are not which increases the probability of clocking more views. Also, TV ads are very adaptable. For example-post pandemic, TV ads have shifted their storylines towards life in or after a pandemic that evoke a cathartic viewing.

 5. Adaptability-

Even when businesses prefer TV ads, what holds them back is the whopping cost of TV ads. The cost of even a 10-second slot can be lakhs and this dissuades them from going ahead while digital ads cost very less. But like everything else, TV ads have come up with geo-targeted TV advertising as well as programmatic TV ad buying through which a brand can decide the section of viewers whom they would like to target specifically. This is bound to multiple TV ads popularity in the coming years.

What is as important as advertising your business on TV is the agency you approach to do the work for you efficiently and effectively. We know this is not an easy task and therefore are here to help you. Click here to register your query regarding broadcasting your brand on TV.

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