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All the advertisers out there know that television advertising pays off more adequately than any other medium of advertising. Heart of the popular culture, this medium’s effectiveness owes to its massive reach, the virtue of interactivity and ability to forge trust.

Another significant reason why television works better now is that of its ability to synergize with the digital tools. Being a medium that is widely discussed offline, television has now reached people’s hands- they can watch it anywhere and access their favorite content on-demand at any point in time. It has been proven that brand campaigns that reach the customers through both online and television advertising derive more efficient results.  This gains prominence like never before in an ever-competitive and engaging marketplace.

But what is the reason that despite knowing its level of engagement and trust television advertising imparts to a brand, advertisers are apprehensive about investing in television? The reason is no less than a myth- Advertising on television is extremely expensive for them as a brand! But trust us, advertising on television is comparatively cheaper if you analyse closely. Let us take into consideration a few pointers below-


Experts’ say that if your target customers are expanding from more than three states, than television advertising is the most suitable form for you. If you look at it from an economic perspective, the cost you’ll bear for six newspaper ads will be equal to one television commercial you can air on multiple channels! Without a shadow of doubt, your newspaper ads will generate leads too, but how many national/regional newspapers you will cater to? How will you ensure that your ads are being seen by your target group without fail?

As an alternative, if your brand sells its products and services in more than three states, it is always better to advertise yourself through an audio-visual medium nationally!


There are a few brands that build products for a particular state or a region. In such cases, there is always an option of advertising the same by regional channels- their reach to the target group is immense, almost people from all age groups watch them and they are cost-effective too as compared to national broadcast mediums.


It has been seen in the recent times that the audience is always engaged in the second screen while being glued to one. Almost all the TV reality shows aired are extremely active on social media channels and other digital platforms- this helps the viewer feel themselves a part of the process, thus binding them emotionally as well. Also, there are innumerable brands selling their products online only- they create a website and promote themselves through social media platforms then. In such a scenario, you can have an added advantage over others by featuring on television as well.

TV Ad Film Making

What is the ultimate objective of any communication medium prevailing in the system? It is to get closer to the customer, to acknowledge their needs and provide products and services that suffice them. This customer-centric approach towards marketing requires you to not just think about generating sales but go beyond that too. Television is one medium that helps you do that effectively. People immediately build trust over brands after seeing them featured on television. This happens for three reasons-
• Commercials airing on television are accepted after being scrutinized for regulation checks thus, ensuring that the brand doesn’t sell something harmful to the audience because the authenticity of the channel is also at stake in these cases.
• Since our childhood, we develop an emotional relationship with television which stays lifelong and therefore, we trust what it says.
• Catering to the Indian audience, there is a myth that revolves around- television advertising is expensive, therefore, brands that are choosing it as a medium of communication must be trustworthy and willing to spend on high-quality products.
Therefore, television advertising pays off immensely if done the right way! What is the right way? Stay tuned for more information!

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