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India is an incredibly diverse nation. On one hand, where its citizens are the most tech-savvy people, on the other hand, there are people who still feel that gadgets are just about listening and talking!
Businesses are now proliferating their digital reach immensely in order to be the talk of the town- all their actions and intentions are focused on relationship management with their customers. In such an overcrowded marketplace, a medium that has found itself in a paradoxical state is Radio.
There are many questions that arise in the minds of people who are striving to reach their target customers in every possible way. Should I invest in radio? Is radio still relevant in times where digital is the new big thing? Do people still recall what they hear over the radio? Who listens to radio nowadays? Why isn’t my investment in radio advertising generating leads?
radio advertising


Believe us, RADIO WORKS FOR YOUR BRAND! YES, IT DOES! But what could be the reasons that despite spending adequate amounts into the radio advertising, you are not able to generate enough leads?
Want to know the reasons? Let’s read further!

Yaadon ka Idiot Box. Did Neelesh Misra’s voice echoed in your ears just now? The telecast of Ramayana on Fever 104 is another example. If we look closely, the only thing they have done differently is playing with the music airtime.
A population of 1.324 Billion with more than 90% of the people having access to the radio with a plethora of radio channels- how do you expect your listeners to remember you?
By innovating your content! Getting your jingles right, using the right voice for your brand on-air and picking up the right time slot are some of the most important aspects of radio advertising.
Do you know that the maximum of radio an average person hears is in his/her car? That’s where you are just before entering the mall for shopping. Imagine, if your customers have heard your name last before stepping out, wouldn’t they actually stop by at your shop?
Make sure you have left your imprint in their minds with the best of what your brand has to offer in the most precise manner. How to do that? Hire a radio advertising agency and get it right!

Your customers heard about your brand on-air, now, have you established a medium where they can easily find you?
Successful lead generations happen when you give your customers a 360 degree view of a brand with the notion of one message and one voice. Almost every agency has a website and presence over multiple social media platforms but it’s equally important to make these channels active for users to access.
Any offline advertising technique works only if it is well-integrated with the online tools as well. This gain even more prominence in the digital era!

offline advertising technique


You must be wondering what this magnet is! Your listeners are devoting their precious time to your brand’s message, what is it that you’re offering them additionally for that?
“Give us a missed call and grab a 10% off on your next visit to our outlet”- doesn’t that sound intriguing? Adding the virtue of an offer to your brand’s message will surely lead the listener to engage with you, thus generating leads!

Brand Message


What if your brand echoes its message on-air twenty times a day without any effect on the listener? It’s absolutely useless for you!
You message language should be time-sensitive and well-framed. What plays an even more crucial role here is the choice of your radio station! Every business must research well which radio channel their target group is listening the most and then advertise accordingly!
Radio can prove to be an effective and efficient medium for your brand, provided, you advertise the right way!
Hire a radio advertising agency today and get make your brand’s presence felt pan-India!


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