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In the world of internet, there’s one war that marketers just can’t get away with. Placing your brand at no. 1 search rank is no easy task. While you may put all your mettle in SEO, working on your ads will still be significant. But the question is- which ad?
There’s a constant war of ads on the web about which is the better platform for your business?
Well, no matter which platform you place your ad on, the real game changer is PPC or pay per click. SEO can take time, and if you start selling a new product or are having a special timed promotion, you may never reach the first page. PPC is a great way to assure your business gets seen and seen fast. Even if your company and website are brand-new, with a few optimizations you can be on the first page within the maximum of 24 hours of review, this is a huge contrast to organic search which can take weeks or months to garner similar results.
Now, let’s talk about the PPC giants and then you get to decide which platform to place your trust in.

Google Adwords

  • Dominates the SEO market.
  • Well-known to have a larger search volume and has more reach than any other platform.
  • 3.5 billion Searches a day, that’s 1.2 trillion a year.
  • More extensions and tools for their platform, and when used in conjunction with Google Analytics, the list of possible optimizations are near endless
  • More potential customers mean more competition and hence higher bidding prices.
  • Larger volume, grating unnecessary impressions, and clicks, further give rise overall cost.

Bing Ads

  • This Microsoft-owned platform yields 16% of all searches worldwide.
  • Less competition leads to lower bidding costs.
  • Location targeting in AdWords must be set at the campaign level and that’s that. Whereas with Bing, you can do the same but you can also set different location targeting to multiple Ad Groups within the same campaign, giving you more flexibility.
  • The platform isn’t even close in terms of retargeting numbers or Display Ad numbers which mean less brand awareness.

Facebook Ads

  • World’s largest social network with one billion active daily users, making it the go-to for social media advertisement.
  • In terms of demographics, no matter how niche your product or demographic, you can be seen too damned near everyone looking to buy what you are selling, making it the number one platform for B2C advertisement.
  • Unlike a search platform, the intent to purchase is much lower for social media platforms and the book of the face is no exception.
  • If one of your main goals is brand awareness, then Facebook might be a platform for you.

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