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For many years, outdoor advertising has been a catalyst for increasing brand awareness, re-positioning brands positively and creating a lasting positive brand image. It reinforces a brand’s promise in the mind of consumers (brand recall) and helps businesses remain top of mind. This is because consumers are loyal to brands who constantly remind them of their market offerings.

The scale, viewability and dramatic effect of outdoor advertising helps marketers create cut-through and capture consumer attention in a world where other messages struggle to get through. As brands have shown recently, outdoor has applications at different stages of the purchase funnel and can execute on several elements of a marketing strategy.

According to Bureau of Labor Studies, people aged between 20- 50 spend a lot of time outside the home — they engage in activities such as work, leisure, and sports an average of 8.74 hours per day, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s fully a third of your day when you are not in your house. Since another one-third of your time is spent sleeping, that leaves only a few hours for advertisers to connect with you in your home through television, magazines, and radio. That, then, is the importance of outdoor advertising. It allows advertisers to find you when you are occupied outside the home, and often at a time when you are receptive to advertising. Here are few #OOH campaign that we did for some of our clients https://www.adworthmedia.org/ooh.html

Outdoor advertising is helpful for any brand because it’s accessible, it’s measurable, it’s effective and it’s less intrusive than many other forms of advertising. You can’t ignore the cost. Outdoor ads often have a lower CPM (cost per thousand) than other forms of media. You can use outdoor ads for a variety of purposes, ranging from branding to promoting a certain event. You can target the sort of mass audience you cannot reach with other forms of media.

Businesses who have harnessed the power of outdoor advertising over the years have testified of its prowess in significantly achieving their marketing communication goals and objectives. And that, ultimately, is why outdoor advertising matters. It works, and it will continue to work no matter what other forms of new media come along. 


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