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It started as heartbreaking rumors from abroad, but a rotten disease came and infected most of the crops in the countryside of Sagerov. Upon its arrival, the plague struck almost everyone in its path, leaving the survivors to clean up their fallen society. With the armies gone fighting in the war against Stotlheim, Sagerov is left barely defended, and the outlying settlements are helpless and prime targets for the heartless invaders.

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An old and forgotten enemy hailing from the eastern steppes, the Horde set their sights on lonely farms and plague-weakened villages, leaving behind nothing but smoke, bodies and ashes. Among these villages, Ravlova, resting in the Strastobolsky district, is a small and insignificant farming community where people work from dawn to dusk, just to earn at least a meager subsistence. In particular, two are husband and wife, Kolyask and Ridina, local farmers with a family, but they are also part of the militia of their village. Committed to protecting their land and their neighbors, they are the last line of defense. This is their story.

  1. New storyline: Play as Carriage or Ridina on their quest to protect their homeland and their family from evil invaders in a massive, hours-long campaign!
  2. New Side Quests: Over 30 new side stories and side quests related to the evolving game world and storyline!
  3. New Characters: Two new main characters to choose from, various new secondary characters, and even some new companions and a Zager hound!
  4. New skills: Learn some new skills and abilities that will give you an edge over your enemies!
  5. New Equipment: Lots of new items and equipment, such as firebombs, shell and lamellar armor, and weapons to try out!
  6. New schemes: Show off your ingenuity by building your own equipment with new schematics and recipes!
  7. New Graphics: New character sprite graphics, portraits, environmental images and more!
  8. New Map: Explore the Strastobol region, located in the borderlands of Sagerov!
  9. New enemies: Fight fierce new enemies and a new faction known as the Horde!

Game Information:

  • Game Title: Lawless Lands Unrest
  • Game Genres: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
  • Game Developer: Corrosive Studios LLC
  • Publisher: Corrosive Studios LLC
  • Release Date: November 26, 2022
  • FILE SIZE : 2.29 GB


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