What are TVC ads and What are the Benefits of TVC ads in 2023
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What are TVC ads and What are the Benefits of TVC ads in 2023?

According to PwC’s latest report, India’s Media and Entertainment Industry is projected to reach Rs. 4,30,401 crore (US$ 53.99 billion) by 2026, with advertising revenue reaching Rs. 394 billion (US$ 5.42 billion) by 2024. Television is expected to be the largest contributor to the Indian media market, accounting for 40% in 2024, followed by print media (13%), digital advertising (12%), cinema (9%), and OTT and gaming industries (8%). By 2025, it is estimated that there will be 40-50 million connected smart televisions in the country, with 30% of content viewed on these screens being gaming, social media, short video, and content created specifically for this audience by television, print, and radio brands. In the second quarter of 2021, there was a 65% YoY increase in smart TV shipments from India due to OEMs expanding their smart TV portfolios. By 2025, 600-650 million Indians are expected to consume short-form videos, with active users spending 55-60 minutes per day.

What are Radio Advertisements and their Benefits in 2023?
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What are Radio Advertisements and their Benefits in 2023?

Radio advertising can be more cost-effective than other forms of advertising, such as TV or print advertising. This is because producing a radio advertisement requires less time, effort, and resources than creating a television commercial, for example. A small business with a limited advertising budget can use radio advertising to promote its products or services without breaking the bank.

What is the difference between Outdoor Advertising and Transit Branding?
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What is the difference between Outdoor Advertising and Transit Branding?

The Out-of-Home (OoH) Advertising market is expected to reach a total ad spending of $434.70 million in 2023. The largest contributor to this market is Traditional Out-of-Home Advertising with a market volume of $321 million in 2023. The average per capita ad spending in the OoH Advertising segment is estimated to be $0.31 in 2023.

According to recent research, 80% of youth view transit advertising as an effective medium. This is due to its unique ability to creatively deliver messages and target specific audiences through geotargeting. Additionally, unlike online or broadcast advertising, transit ads cannot be ignored or turned off, ensuring maximum reach and frequency. 69% of the youth believe that transit media has a positive impact on them. They get to see advertisements that they would have otherwise missed and with daily exposure, these ads are retained in their memory, leading to a higher recall rate.

What is Airport Advertising and what are its benefits?
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What is Airport Advertising? and what are its benefits in 2023

The research found that frequent flyers are highly responsive to airport advertisements, with 80% noticing the media and 42% taking action, such as visiting a website or learning more about a product. 19% of frequent flyers even purchased a product they saw advertised at the airport. The study also shows that airport campaigns drive foot traffic, with 84% of frequent flyers likely to visit a restaurant and 50% likely to visit a clothing store. The research confirms that the longer a traveller spends at the airport, the greater the exposure to advertising, with 74% of frequent flyers arriving more than an hour before their flight.