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Types of Bosses You’ll Encounter

Whether you’re a corporate hippie or an advertising junkie, in your professional lives, you’ll encounter a number of different types of bosses. Each of them will have their own quirks, their own processes, and their own mentalities. Here are some of the most (un)common type of bosses!

The “I own you Bosses”

If you’re very lucky, you might not encounter one of these kinda bosses. Bosses who literally take on your life and usually take the crown when it comes to horrible bosses. These kinda bosses are always willing to ruin your life to get what they want and they expect you to be grateful for letting them do it.

The “Passive Aggressive” Bosses

The passive aggressive is perhaps nowhere more irritating. The passive aggressive bosses avoid confrontation at all costs. They send memos instead of making direct requests; they frame bad news and unfair decisions in language that is difficult to oppose; they hide behind company policy and pass the buck in order to avoid taking responsibility for unpopular decisions. Their passive, “everything’s fine” demeanor leaves employees feeling not only disempowered and taken advantage of but ultimately resentful and just plain annoyed.

The “Too cool to be a boss” Bosses 

Those young, dynamic bosses who have rocketed from zero to zillions in record time. Run their company with a steely grip, and a forced smile but also floundering, one crisis at a time. These bosses are winners of the gen and stealers of the hearts with their high-end vibe who treat their employee as friends and are always up for office celebrations.


The “Mail it to me” Bosses

These are the bosses who won’t consider any event, matter, request, or purpose unless you have put it up on a mail. Mail, for them, is the primary source of communication and approvals and disapprovals on mail make-up their entire day.

The “Mother-figure” Bosses

Having a mother-figure boss can be lucky as well as annoying too. Someone who is always supervising your actions inside the office like what you’re eating, if you’re smoking or not, if you’re unwell or if you’re going late from home, they’ll insist upon dropping you. While sometimes, they can make you feel close to your mother, they can also make you go annoyed beyond limits.

The “Unforgiving Perfectionist”

Most closely related to the “I Own You” boss is the unforgiving perfectionist. These bosses rule only through fear and threats. Their “leadership” style is, besides of course being morally detestable, totally unsustainable. With no promise of reward, employees will do only what they have to in order to avoid punishment. Imagine Dearth Vadar from Star Wars.

The “Not so Interested” Bosses

These are the bosses with no managerial skills, no interest in being a leader or someone who simply isn’t competent enough to take on a leadership role. These bosses pop up when an undeserving heir takes over their parent’s company and is so caught up in their newfound sense of power or access to wealth that everyone in the company – and the company itself – suffers.

The “Goody-Good” Bosses 

Those with the high self-esteem throughout the day and those who never hesitate to insert themselves into social situations, always believe in what they do for the good of the company, and even hold a roast when their employees criticize and make fun of them. They truly believe that they’re caring, thoughtful, and funny and that their employees see them this way as well.

The “Go Get It” Boss

Now there are the rarest kinda bosses. You won’t find them everywhere but if you do, consider yourself lucky. While they’ll grind you to bits in order to leverage company profits, they’ll also give you the bestest parties & perks. They follow the principle of “Work Hard, Party Harder”. Picture Jordan Belfort from Wolf of the Wall Street.  

Let us know in comments which type of boss you have 😉

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