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3 Most Important Things Instagram taught us about marketing


  • Pictures & Videos are a vital part of any brand’s marketing


A picture or a video is often worth 1,000 words. People learn and connect visually. Great visual content on platforms like Instagram presents a great opportunity to tell stories that will engage people with your content.

The right styling and consistent imagery can help brands not only convey quality but also help them successfully tell their company story and create alignment across their brand. We are a visual culture. Images capture the imagination and help us understand context without needing to read the fine print. In this age of high mobile-device engagement, having good marketing photos is more important than ever before. Good marketing photos are far more likely to engage your audience than text alone, especially if the images are art directed to target a specific audience.


  • Consumers are influenced more by common people (Influencers) than celebs


Despite the fact that with the onset of social media, celebrities have been able to interact with, and influence, their fan base directly, consumers have stronger brand relationships with common people on Instagram, also called influencers. (Attach link for influencer blog)

Modern consumers expect authentic brand relationships and have begun to see through celebrity endorsements as the financial transactions they are. In contrast, influencer marketing, (the promotion and selling of products or services through people who have the capacity to affect the consumer’s spending habits) is based on a trust and respect the consumer has built with an influencer.  Influencers also provide insight into their personal lives and interact with their followers. Responding to messages, giving their opinions on products, and their accessibility set them apart from their celebrity counterparts. These actions create a strong relationship and generate trust between the consumer and influencer.



  • Building communities are the key to spread brand awareness


Be it any domain, travel, food, fashion or art, communities have the real potential to leverage any brand’s image. Community building is a two-way street. And, in order for your relationships to flourish, you have to start interacting with your followers. Liking and commenting on other people’s posts. Target these posts by using your hashtags in reverse. The same hashtags list you’ve created for your content will also work to categorize other people’s content for you—ultimately narrowing down your focus and targeting your audience. This helps in building a one-on-one connection. Simply liking and commenting on other people’s content can go a long way in terms of building a following and gaining trust in the community. Additionally, you can consider joining an Instagram Pod to start networking with influencers and developing strategic partnerships.

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