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Types Of People In An Advertising Agency

If you work in an advertising agency, you’re probably aware of the types of people every advertising agency guaranteed to get under your skin. Every day, you have to communicate with these people whether you have anything remotely in common with them or not, all while fulfilling your daily duties at work.

Take a look at this list of the many different types of people found in every advertising agency.

  • The Up-seller – Brand development is the up-seller’s mantra. They’re a great dresser, very self-important and often annoying. But, as long as one key decision-maker likes them, your agency will have a long-term relationship with the client.


  • Idea Killer – Bitter creative without fresh ideas of their own. But, serially murder good ideas with “It’s been done” even though they so haven’t been done.


  • Askaholic – That person who asks obvious questions just for the sake of saying something in a meeting.



  • The Real Leader – This person knows an agency’s place in the world and understands how to blend different personalities and skill set. She/He realizes the importance of balancing quality of work with revenue, of setting a budget for award-show entries, and of schmoozing only when necessary.


  • Jargonaut – One guy/girl who gets high on his own buzzword supply.


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