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Have you heard of the repetition principle? It says that if something is often repeated, an individual tends to persuade it. The business of advertising since ages has stood tall on it. These principles not only apply to the traditional forms of advertising but internet advertising as well.
All of the advertisers have either heard or read about how we should advertise in a targeted and cohesive manner- there should be one voice and one message that must cater in the minds of the target audience (basically, repetition through different mediums). But the truth is, each brand is different and has its own requirements and implications. Where on one hand, a brand might need more engagement with its audience via digital; on the other hand, another brand might need to get more inclined towards the traditional formats.
A question that arises many times is how do premium brands advertise in a focused manner? Is there a specific platform for them? Everyone does television commercials, radio and print advertising. Every brand nowadays is hitting the right node with digital as well. But how do brands that wish to target the upper segment approach them concretely in an effective and efficient manner?
An increasingly effective medium tremendously emerging nowadays is ‘INFLIGHT ADVERTISING’. It gives the brand a unique opportunity to connect with its target customers.
Do you know that in the year 2016, airlines in India flew 99.88 million passengers as compared to 51 million in 2010? What is even more astonishing is that these numbers are expected to double in a short span of time.

in flight branding

With highest efficiency rate, in-flight advertising provides at the lowest cost of sale the maximum impact. Sample surveys show that approximately 77% of passengers remember the brand after exiting the aircraft. Nearly 100% saturation, with a targeted, captive audience that is actively engaged by ads for an average of 1.5 – 8.5 hours, In-Flight media provides the opportunity for a brand to stand out from the pack; only a limited number of partners are featured throughout the fleet at any given time.
Let us closely look at some of its benefits-

When onboard, what else does one do to kill time? Being in a receptive state of mind at that time, an individual’s reaches out to any sort of information that he/she can cater to because they can’t simply get up and walk away. With no electronic gadgets in operation, there is nothing to gander over in a flight. This is the time when your brand should hit their heads and stay. The captivity of audience is one advantage that no other medium has than in-flight advertising.

Your brand even though stuck on a board doesn’t hold stagnant. Inflight advertising reaches out to lakhs of eyeballs in a short span of time because of its ability to reach globally. With a plethora of platforms on board to advertise your brand, it opens room for innovation for any brand to represent itself in the most unique and impressive way.

Every brand has a unique identity and it needs to be advertised uniquely. Inflight advertising can be used as a medium to effectively target the consumer’s mind by taking into consideration the geographical origin (ads of famous eateries of the place the flight is heading to), destinations (hotel ads), routes etc.
It is undoubtedly true that we reach the niche segment of the audience through this medium but here also, they can be targeted by class. If there’s a brand that requires high purchasing power, it can be advertised through the business and first-class.

Advertisers can choose the format, platform suitable for their business and purposes and be creative with the campaign ideas when it comes to in-flight advertising. The various ways in which in-flight branding promotes advertising of brands are-

• Bulk Head Branding
Facing forward and bored? That is when your target audience must see you!

bulk head branding

• Seat Back Branding
Your ad displayed straight in front of their seats with a guaranteed view of at least 40 minutes to 8 hours (depending on the flight)

seat back branding

• Meal Tray Branding
The entire interior of the tray table can be used to bring your brand and message to life. Tray table branding is highly visible to every passenger in an uncluttered, captive environment, who opens the tray table either to eat or to work.

meal tray branding

• Over-Head Bins Branding
Make sure your product is also added to their baggage the next time they open the over-head bins!

Over-Head Bins Branding

• Tarmac Coaches
Each coach has a capacity of 60 passengers with an average occupancy of 50 per coach. On average the coaches make 60 – 100 trips a day, constantly ferrying the passengers between the terminal and the aircraft. The static panels and hand grabs can prove to be a boon for your brand’s advertising.

over head branding

• Boarding Pass
To get into the hands of your customers-is that what you want for your brand? Did you know that approximately 20 Lakh boarding passes are printed every month? The best part is that they even stay with the customers after their journey is over!

Hand Baggage Tags

• Hand Baggage Tags (Custom)
The horizon for innovation expands here. The baggage tags may come in different shapes and sizes and are a personalized medium of advertising.

Boarding Pass

• In-Flight Catalogue/Magazine
The editorial content on board is widely read and recalled. More than 80% of the passengers would surely grab the magazine placed in their front pockets and flutter through the pages.

Inflight Catalogue Magazine

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